Ornella Bayona

I am a lover of everything nature and animal related with over 15 years of experience in the field of wildlife rescue and education. Currently living in Colombia working with wild and domestic animals and spending all my free time writing about them :)

How Many Whales Are Left In The World?

how many whales are left in the world

When talking about whales it’s impossible to overlook all the damage humans have caused their populations throughout history thanks to whaling, captivity, and industrialization among other causes and practices.  Even today whales continue to be affected by humans and are constant victims of bycatch, vessel strikes, global warming, and more. So taking into account everything

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How To Survive A Whale Attack

how to survive a whale attack

When thinking about whales it’s easy to immediately gravitate toward an image of peacefulness that seems almost magical. How can you not? Watching these creatures effortlessly swim through the blue ocean in a kind of underwater ballet is a truly sublime sight.  Nevertheless, even some of the smallest members of the whale family have enough

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