Ornella Bayona

I am a lover of everything nature and animal related with over 15 years of experience in the field of wildlife rescue and education. Currently living in Colombia working with wild and domestic animals and spending all my free time writing about them :)

What Do Blue Whales Look Like?

what do blue whales look like

Blue whales are the largest animal to ever live on planet earth and their sheer size and mysterious lifestyle under the water’s surface have inspired many myths and legends.  For Icelandic people, the blue whale is the big protector of fishing boats scaring away all wicked whales and announcing danger to the sailors. In Hindu …

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Are Humpback Whales Endangered?

are humpback whales endangered

The humpback whale is one of the most well-known whale species currently swimming in our oceans; due to their extreme curiosity and acrobatic displays, they tend to be the main event at most whale-watching tours and marine expeditions.  This species is one of the most widely distributed whale species found across all major oceans, both …

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Do Humpback Whales Eat Fish?

do humpback whales eat fish

With a length of 16 meters / 52 feet and a weight of 36 metric tons, there is no denying that the humpback whale has an impressive size. So what does an animal so massive have to eat to remain healthy and have enough fat to stay comfortable in the cold polar waters?  Surprisingly, very …

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Can Humpback Whales Eat Humans?

can humpback whales eat humans

Humpback whales are acrobatic and fascinating animals. It is a sight to behold as they breach over the surface of the ocean. Their feeding choice is opportunistic; it includes small fishes (salmon, mackerel), crustaceans (crabs, octopus), and krill (copepods).  But can humpback whales eat humans? The short answer is no. They have no teeth to …

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