Ornella Bayona

I am a lover of everything nature and animal related with over 15 years of experience in the field of wildlife rescue and education. Currently living in Colombia working with wild and domestic animals and spending all my free time writing about them :)

8 Amazing Weddell Seal Facts

weddell seal facts

The Wedell seal is found in large numbers in the Antarctic region and thanks to its abundance and large size its been one of the most widely studied Antarctic seal species.  Their pups are also some of the most photogenic and chances are you have seen pictures of these adorable fur balls multiple times.  However, […]

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6 Fun African Penguin Facts

african penguin facts

There is no denying that penguins are some of the most lovable animals out there. In fact, they are officially classified as “charismatic megafauna” which is scientific proof that they’re irresistible to most people. While Africa is not the place that normally comes to mind when thinking about where penguins live, this old-world continent is

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9 Interesting Sei Whale Facts

sei whale facts

There is no doubt that whales are some of the most breathtaking animals in the world. Their colossal size combined with their ballet-like swimming and curious, gentle personalities have made them popular for ages and inspired all kinds of stories, myths, and folklore. Scientists and researchers have been able to learn a lot about these

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15 Fun Little Penguin Facts

little penguin facts

It’s no secret that you, me, and pretty much everyone else find penguins ridiculously cute; now imagine how cute can a species called “little penguin” be. The little penguin, also known as “little blue penguin”, “blue penguin”, or “fairy penguin” gets all its common names due to its tiny size and blueish-gray plumage. However, these

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9 Awesome King Penguin Facts

king penguin facts

King penguins are aptly named because of their large size and beautifully elegant coloration. These birds are extremely graceful swimmers thanks to their torpedo-shaped hydrodynamic bodies and special waterproof feathers. However, there is so much more to this incredible penguin species than just their looks and that’s why today I will share with you 9

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