Uncovering The Truth: Are Dolphins Evil Creatures?

are dolphins evil

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 6 months, you have likely come across the TikTok trend that portrays dolphins as evil.

The word evil is defined as profoundly immoral or wicked, but dolphins have a cute and fun persona and are highly intelligent, so how could this be the case?

It’s an interesting topic that we’re going to discuss in detail today to finally provide some definitive answers to the question of are dolphins evil?

If this question has ever crossed your mind, or you’ve simply become intrigued by the numerous TikTok videos, you’ll enjoy this article.

So stick around as we learn all there is to know about the dark side of dolphins.

Are Dolphins Evil?

No, dolphins are not inherently evil. Like all animals, dolphins have their own unique set of behaviors and ways of interacting with one another and their environment.

Whilst this may seem strange from our perspective, this doesn’t mean that dolphins are evil or should be labeled as such.

Dolphins are HIGHLY intelligent, complex animals that have dazzled humans with their ability to communicate and problem-solve.

are dolphins evil
Photo by Talia Cohen

They are notorious for their friendly and fun persona as well as their curious nature as well as their acrobatic performances.

However, there’s no denying that dolphins do have a side to them that most people aren’t aware of, which is why many people label these creatures as “evil”.

Why Do People Think Dolphins Are Evil?

Most people don’t actually think dolphins are evil, but more and more people are finding out about their dark side and some of the behaviors they exhibit in the wild, which is changing their perception.

There have been instances where dolphins have displayed aggressive behavior toward humans and other animals, which has led to some people viewing them as dangerous and unpredictable.

Dolphins have been witnessed killing their porpoise cousins simply for the fun of it, ramming them, biting them, and throwing them in the air like a ragdoll.

Whilst the reasons behind the attacks are unknown, some researchers believe that it may be related to competition for resources or to establish dominance.

They are known to play around and kill other animals simply for the hell of it, in one case, a small group of dolphins was observed using a baby shark as a volleyball.

Dolphin sex can also be violent and coercive, gangs of two or three bottlenose dolphins will isolate a single female and then rape her, sometimes for weeks at a time.

To keep the female dolphin in line, the males will make aggressive noises, threatening movements, and even smack her around with their tails.

If the female tries to swim away and break free, the males will quickly chase her down.

Another behavior that has been witnessed in dolphins is males killing dolphin calves to force the mother to mate with him instead to produce new offspring.

Females immediately become ready for pregnancy once they lose their calf, so males do this on purpose to force them to mate.

Dolphins can also be full of sexually transmitted diseases and many individuals engage in homosexual activity for self-pleasure.

These super-intelligent predators certainly have a side to them that not many people are aware of, and when they discover this information they may change their stance on dolphins and view them as evil.

Do Dolphins Have A Dark Side?

Yes, it’s clear that dolphins certainly do have a dark side. They are much more intelligent, and sometimes sinister than meets the eye.

I think people have a perception of dolphins as being super cute, cuddly animals that are always smiling and living their best life.

They are used for entertainment in shows all around the world, so they must be friendly, right?

Wrong. These animals are seriously underestimated because of their appearance, and there is much more than meets the eye of dolphins.

are dolphins evil
Photo by Damian Patkowski

In reality, their anatomy is the reason for their constant smile, and in truth, they are formidable predators that can be vicious, especially males.

They are particularly aggressive around the mating season and are incredibly horny, sometimes even attempting to have sex with humans.

Dolphins are known to bully and force females to have sex with them during the breeding season, exhibiting very aggressive behavior toward females.

Unwilling females will be attacked by males and sometimes forced into sex, or they may have their calves taken away from them in an infanticide attack.

Are Dolphins Aggressive To Humans?

No, dolphins are generally considered to be friendly and curious toward humans, but it’s important to be vigilant around them as they can be unpredictable at times.

However, whilst attacks on humans are rare they have happened. In one case in So Paulo, Brazil, in 1994, a man died as a result of a dolphin slamming into him.

Dolphins are known to attack divers that encounter them in the wild and they attack their trainers in captivity.

An attack from one of the predators can be fatal, they’re equipped with large teeth that can inflict serious damage and can easily drag a human underwater which could drown them.

Only recently a dolphin attacked a trainer in Miami during a live performance that terrified spectators.

Sundance, a 23-year-old dolphin that has spent its entire life in captivity lunged at a female trainer, attempting to drown her as two other performers raced to help.

It’s a common misconception that dolphins are completely harmless animals, but in fact, they can be incredibly violent and extremely dangerous at times.

More On Dolphin Behavior

Dolphins are incredibly social animals that often live in pods containing anywhere from 2 – 30 individuals, but some may be 100 or even several hundred individuals strong.

Their intelligence and powerful bodies allow them to be top ocean predators, hunting octopuses, shrimp, fish, jellyfish, and much more.

They are so smart that they’ve been observed using tools to hunt their prey, such as sea sponges to protect their snouts whilst scouring the seafloor.

are dolphins evil
Photo by Arielle Allouche

Dolphins are excellent problem solvers, team players, and formidable predators that have few natural predators of their own.

In fact, the apex predator of the ocean is a species of dolphin. Orcas rule the oceans and take on prey much larger than themselves, including great white sharks, whales, and more.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, dolphins are not evil creatures but there is no denying that they do have a dark side that not many people know about.

They exhibit some horrifying behaviors that are truly the stuff of nightmares but keep in mind that these are wild animals that are very different from humans.

What we view as terrifying may be completely normal in the dolphin world, so it’s difficult to judge situations that we find barbaric in other species.

Dolphins are highly intelligent, complex animals that are known to be extremely violent, especially around breeding season.

Whilst they may look cute and cuddly on the outside, there is certainly a darker side to dolphins that is not widely known about.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post today and learn more about dolphins and their strange behaviors.

Catch you next time!