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Hi, I'm George - the founder of MarinePatch. I created this blog as marine wildlife has been my passion for many years and I've spent decades learning and dedicating myself to documenting all I can about the topic.

Do Whales Cry? – Truthful Guide

do whales cry

Whales are majestic ocean giants that have roamed the oceans of the earth for over 50 million years. They’re sensitive souls that are highly intelligent sentient beings. Whales are deep thinkers that are capable of problem-solving, teamwork, and understanding. But they’re also emotionally intelligent and capable of experiencing complex emotions just like you and me. …

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Do Whales Have Bones? (Answered)

do whales have bones

Whales are true giants that have adapted to their ocean habitat over 50 million years since they evolved from early land mammals. There were many adaptations that were needed when transitioning from life on land to life in the ocean, including losing their hind limbs, developing flippers, and growing a tail. The whale’s anatomy changed …

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