Orca Intelligence: Are Orcas Smarter Than Dolphins?

are orcas smarter than dolphins

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Orcas, commonly known as killer whales are up top marine predators that thrive in all oceans around the world.

They’re notorious for their black-and-white appearance and living in pods, usually consisting of between 5 and 30 individuals.

Killer whales are the largest members of the dolphin family, and both of these animals are known for their supreme intelligence.

One question that often arises when discussing orcas and dolphins is which one is more intelligent, so today we’re going to answer the important question of are orcas smarter than dolphins?

In essence, YES, orcas are smarter than dolphins. Orcas have larger brains, and whilst brain size alone doesn’t determine intelligence, orcas’ overall intelligence is superior to that of a dolphin.

Let’s get into it…

Are Orcas Smarter Than Dolphins?

Trying to measure intelligence between species is incredibly difficult, largely because there’s no universal test that can determine which is smarter.

In humans, we have IQ tests that factor in knowledge, reasoning, memory, and much more, producing a score that is measurable against others.

In animals, all we have to go off is their behavior, with scientists typically studying self-awareness, memory, and self-control.

are orcas smarter than dolphins
Image by Robin Gwen Agarwal

When trying to determine whether orcas are smarter than dolphins, it’s difficult as both are INCREDIBLY intelligent and match up very closely.

However, orcas do have larger brains, the second biggest of any marine mammal actually, and when observing orcas’ behavior in the wild, it’s fair to say that they are slightly more intelligent than dolphins.

Orcas have extremely advanced communication, social, and hunting skills which put them in the top sport.

How Smart Are Orcas?

Orcas are widely considered one of the most intelligent animals on the planet, exhibiting fascinating behaviors that aren’t often seen in animals.

They have large brains that can weigh as much as 15 pounds and have highly complex social structures.

Some researchers believe that orcas could be just as intelligent as a fifteen or sixteen-year-old human, which is truly fascinating!

Orcas are renowned for their incredible problem-solving skills, communication, and ability to pass down cultural traditions across generations.

These animals have some fascinating ways of catching prey, such as purposefully beaching themselves in order to catch seals and sea lions in Argentina.

Pods in Antarctica work together to swim in sync to create a large wave that washes over the ice caps and pushes seals right into their pod members’ mouths.

But it’s not just their hunting techniques that demonstrate a high degree of intelligence, they also use vocalizations, body language, and echolocation to communicate with one another.

They’re highly adaptable and can change their diets rapidly based on what’s available to them at the time, with some orcas even eating moose when prey is in short supply.

There is no denying that orcas are incredibly intelligent, some people even believe a large part of why orcas never attack humans in the wild is because they know we too are intelligent sentient beings.

How Smart Are Dolphins?

Just like orcas, dolphins are highly intelligent too, with a brain-to-mass ratio that is second only to humans, they too are widely considered some of the smartest in the animal kingdom.

Dolphins are excellent at problem-solving, using tools, self-awareness, and communication.

Studies have shown that they can recognize themselves in a mirror, just like octopuses do, which is a sign of self-awareness.

When scouring the ocean floor for food, dolphins use sea sponges to be sure to not injure themselves, a behavior that orcas do too.

Dolphins are also highly sociable animals and live in pods, they are excellent communicators and have sonar-like abilities that help them navigate the ocean.

In addition to their cognitive abilities, dolphins are known for their curiosity and playful nature, which has made them popular with humans.

That said, they’re more dangerous to be around in the wild than orcas and have been known to attack people by ramming into them with their strong snouts.

Are Orcas More Intelligent Than Sharks?

Orcas ARE known to be more intelligent than sharks. Whilst sharks have been around for millions of years and are adapted perfectly for ocean life, they’re not known for their cognitive abilities.

Whilst sharks are more intelligent than they are given credit for, they are certainly not on the level of intelligence as orcas or dolphins.

Killer whales are more socially complex and exhibit behavior that sharks do not.

More On The Orcas Intelligence

The orca’s large brain is the driving force behind its intelligence. The most intelligent animals on earth have large brains, like elephants and primates, and the orca has the second largest of any animal.

Intelligence for terrestrial animals is different from that of marine animals as they have different needs and desires from one another.

This makes it difficult for us humans to understand the intelligence of an orca, as what they define as intelligence is totally alien to us.

are orcas smarter than dolphins
Image by Andreina Schoeberlein

Nevertheless, it doesn’t take a genius to look at some of the behaviors orcas exhibit to understand that they are highly intelligent.

From problem-solving, complex communication, social intelligence, and everything in between, these animals are vastly intelligent, more so than we understand at present.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the question of whether orcas are smarter than dolphins is a tricky one, as they both display intelligence that is comparable with one another.

After all, the two animals are part of the same family and both are regarded as some of the most intelligent animals on the planet.

Orcas do take the lead on intelligence, but only slightly. This is because they have larger brains and display great problem-solving and self-awareness.

However, this takes nothing away from the intelligence of a dolphin, as these two are excellent problem solvers, self-aware, and capable of learning from one another.

Ultimately, the question is a difficult one, but what is clear is that both of these animals are VERY intelligent, which is why they are thriving in the oceans.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and learn more about orcas.

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