Do Whale Sharks Have Gills?

do whale sharks have gills

So, do whale sharks have gills? In short, yes, whale sharks do have gills. This allows them to breathe oxygen through the water and stay submerged, unlike other air-breathing whales and dolphins. Whale sharks have five large gill slits on each side of their head which allow the shark to pick up oxygen that is …

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Do Whale Sharks Have Scales?

do whale sharks have scales

A question we are asked regularly here at MarinePatch is, do whale sharks have scales? Technically no, the whale shark does not have scales. However, they do have a hard exterior that is similar to scales.  They are essentially specialized scales that are called placoid scales, also known as dermal denticles. These scales look more …

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Do Tiger Sharks Have Stripes?

do tiger sharks have stripes

In short, yes they do. They get their name from the grey, vertical stripes or spots that cover their bodies. When you hear the word tiger, your mind may automatically populate with a large, orange, fearless big cat that is the dominant force in forests and grasslands. But that’s not the only tiger that exists …

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