Are Sharks Friendly? – Useful Guide

are sharks friendly

Sharks aren’t known for being friendly creatures. They’re often portrayed as bloodthirsty, aggressive hunters and scavengers. But some species of sharks do have a reputation for being quite social. These are often the types of sharks that you see in aquariums and other public displays. These sharks tend to be large and slow-moving, making them …

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Do Sharks Lay Eggs? – Full Guide

do sharks lay eggs

With around 500 different species of sharks swimming around in our oceans, it should come as no surprise that their reproduction process varies from species to species. Sharks can be found in almost all ocean habitats, from warm, tropical reefs to the coldest and harshest oceans of Antarctica. Today, we’re going to take a closer …

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Are Sharks Attracted To Blood?

are sharks attracted to blood

Movies such as Jaws, Open Water, and The Meg have long contributed to the shark’s bloodthirsty killer reputation. Many people are terrified of sharks, often having nightmares of these ocean dwellers and being unable to relax around shark-inhabited waters. We’ve all heard the rumor that sharks are able to smell blood from miles away, and …

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Are Sharks Scared Of Dolphins?

are sharks scared of dolphins

Sharks are notorious for their scary-looking appearance. With large teeth, a strong powerful body, and a feisty attitude – it’s no wonder that these animals are feared by many. With around 130 different shark species, they can be found worldwide from tropical coral reefs to the deep sea and even in the icy Antarctic waters. …

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